Fivem Escrow Error

FiveM Escrow Error

You lack the required entitlement to use

Please make sure to restart your server and verify that your server license key is accurate. If you purchased the resource on the wrong account, you can transfer it to the correct account through the keymaster platform.

Error parsing / Failed to load / syntax error near 1

This usually indicates that the escrow files have been corrupted, please follow these steps:

Failed to verify protected resource

This error usually indicates that the files were damaged or corrupted during the download process. In many cases, this occurs when using the FileZilla FTP client, which has been known to cause file corruption. We recommend switching to a different FTP client, such as WinSCP, to help prevent these issues.

It appears that there may have been some file corruption during the transfer process. To resolve this issue, please ensure that all hidden files are copied over, including the .fxap file that is located in a protected resource. Some FTP programs may skip these files, so it's important to use a reliable FTP client that will copy all necessary files.