S- common issues

Common Issues

Syntax Errors


Unexpected end of JSON input

this is a syntax error when editing esx_identity, usually end in the last line is forgotten or too much


Status or menu undefined

this is due to the syntax error you made when correcting the config or anywhere else, check the last place you corrected



@resultSkin nil

Go to the SQL and find the users table and then browse to the skins > column, this is empty or nil, the reason for this error is that the character has no clothing data.


loadInventory error

This has nothing to do with the multi, the error you get in the console seems to have corrupted the inventory export due to your latest changes.

These are usually caused by making a syntax error when adding a new item to the inventory or not setting up correctly when changing the inventory.


metadata nil player.lua

This has nothing to do with the multi, check the error line it gives you for player.lua, this is usually related to incorrect installation of the community service script



Weather Blinking

  1. If you do not have a weather sync script, set this to SyncStatus > true
  2. If this is false and you are using a custom event for this and it is still blinking
  • ensure your weathersync script before um-multicharacter for example
ensure [any_core]
ensure [any_core_stuff] # weathersync is in this folder
ensure [standalone] # or weathersync is in this folder
ensure um-multicharacter

infinite loading

  1. Check the F8 client console and server console for errors
  2. If there are no errors, it means that something is not loading correctly and its most likely an outdated core

invisible character only (codem-app and ak47_clothing menu)


  • skinchanger > client > main.lua
  • find > LoadDefaultModel function
  • and replace it with this


function LoadDefaultModel(_, _, ped)
    TriggerEvent('skinchanger:modelLoaded', ped)